Colour Chart

Standard Colours

Our standard colour chart showcases the most popular colour used for all types and styles of footwear.

black light grey dark grey charcoal mink sand navy dark blue
Black Light Grey Dark Grey Charcoal Mink Sand Navy Dark Blue
light blue slate dark brown light brown clay tan light tan
Light Blue Slate Dark Brown Medium Brown Clay Tan Light Tan

Designer Colours

Our designer range is a collection of colours used by popular design houses and brands.

spring sunflower golden charm rich orange rose red sole maroon blush
Spring Sunflower Golden Charm Rich Orange Rose Red Sole Maroon Blush
candy lilac purple sky blue indigo cobalt ocean blue steel
Candy Lilac Purple Sky Blue Azure Sky Regal Blue Hawaiian Blue Steel
bottle green mint fresh green olive
Bottle Green Mint Fresh Green Olive

Flourescent Colours

Our florescent colours are great for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

flash yellow electric green fuchsia disco orange neon blue
Flash Yellow Electric Green Fuchsia Disco Orange Neon Blue

Note: To achieve a bright florescent colour the leather must be white. If it isn’t, you must first start by spraying over the original colour with white. Spraying on top of white gives a brilliantly bright florescent colour, applying fluorescents over any other base colour will result in a duller and darker look.

Metallic Colours

The metallic range adds an aspect of luxury to any item of footwear

copper silver gold
Copper Silver Gold

Note: We supply three metallic colours: Copper, Silver and Gold. Each must be sprayed lightly on top of a base colour to achieve a suitable metallic effect. For example, if you spray gold on top of black you get a ‘green gold’ but if you spray it on top of a light brown you get a more typical gold gold’. So based on this you can actually achieve hundreds of shades of metallic colours using just these three.    

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